Aptus introduces Stax.ai — cloud document management powered by AINarendran Muraleedharan
Narendran Muraleedharan
Published on Thu May 21 2020

It’s finally here! After 6 months of live testing with our launch customers, Aptus officially opens Stax.ai up to the public.

Watch this short video demonstrating a small fraction of Stax’s automation and search capabilities.

Stax is a cloud-based business document management that uses artificial intelligence bots to automate document sorting and filing processes. Stax “indexes” your documents based on it’s content such that you can look up what’s in your document and Stax will pull it up for you!

Try Stax out for 30 days for free using this link: https://stax.ai#start

Aptus Engineering, Inc. is a custom AI software development team based in Scottsdale, AZ. Stax.ai is one of Aptus’ internal projects and some others include Imperix.ai, Dynamix, and Stratum.

If you have any custom software or algorithm development needs, contact us at https://aptusai.com/contact