How Your Business Could Be Saving Over 30 Pine Trees Per Year with!Lindsay Souers
Lindsay Souers
Published on Wed Apr 21 2021

From 2001 to 2019, a total of 386 million hectares of forest were lost globally (in all forest types combined). This loss represents an almost 10 % decrease in tree cover since 2000. Agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation. We clear the land to raise livestock or to plant other crops that can be sold, such as sugar cane and palm oil. These trees are used to make paper products for people and businesses all around the world. Below is a chart from the Environmental Protection Agency showing paper waste from 1960-2018. While the amount of paper that is being recycled has grown, so has our paper usage as a whole.

Regardless of what business or industry you are a part of, you probably use paper. From invoices, to records, to client documents, the amount of paper we use is astonishing. Did you know that 4.5 million tons of paper are thrown away each year in the United States alone? How about the fact that the average American uses 650 lbs of paper per year? These numbers are crazy! is changing the way paper is handled by making it easier to manage your documents digitally and online while reducing paper waste. Many of current clients would receive documents through email or electronic fax and print them out in order to sort them only to scan them right back into their computer once they’re sorted. Now they can use to automatically sort their documents and reduce their paper waste. is a Business Administrative Operations platform that helps automate your company’s document workflow. Gone are the days of printing documents, sorting them, and scanning them back into your computer. takes in your incoming email attachments and electronic faxes and sorts them automatically. Do you need certain information extracted from these documents such as client name, account number, or DOB? can do that! How about needing these files automatically added to your company's shared drive or Dropbox account? Yep, can do that too.

No matter what your document workflow looks like, can help. Our team works closely with you to learn how you do things and then we see how we can help automate it to save you countless hours and tons of paper! What is your business doing to reduce, reuse, and recycle? is a great way to start reducing your paper waste and in just one year, can help you save over 30 pine trees!

If you use the Business Plan/Tier, you would save 1.5 tons of paper per year. That equates to saving:

  • 6,150 kW of energy which would've been needed to create or recycle the paper,
  • 570 gallons of oil needed to process the paper and run the equipment,
  • 5 cubic yards of landfill space for the paper waste,
  • 90 lbs of air pollutants created during the process, and
  • 10,500 gallons of water required to process the paper and waste!

Talk about doing your part to help the Earth!

We offer a free 30 day trial (no credit card needed) of! We will work with you every step of way to help you get the most out of it and assist you in creating a better world and a more efficient business.

Happy Earth Day 2021!