Customer Story - All Creatures Animal ClinicLindsay Souers
Lindsay Souers
Published on Thu Sep 24 2020

All Creatures Animal Clinic is a veterinary clinic located in Phoenix, Arizona, that welcomes a variety of animals including cats, dogs, rodents, rabbits, bearded dragons, and even hedgehogs! ACAC was established in 1987 and provides compassionate, quality care that cannot be beaten. With a team of amazing doctors and dedicated staff that bring a unique view of veterinary medicine, All Creatures is highly regarded by their clients and the furry family members they take care of.

All Creatures was part of pilot program in 2019, and was one of the first companies to try using! We worked very closely with them to make sure they had everything they were looking for in a Business Adminstrative Operations platform.

All Creatures' Experience

Q: What was it like before you started using
A: We use eFax and a central email, which means all of our faxes came through as just a fax number, so there was no way to know what it was before opening the actual download. It was impossible to prioritize the different types of things we get faxed over on a daily basis. Some things need to be addressed immediately and are time-sensitive, while others can wait until the end of the day/next day.

Q: What specific problems were you trying to solve with
A: We wanted a way to sort out all of our faxes and emails, so we knew what each one was (such as a refill prescription, specialty report, lab work, junk spam, etc) without having to open each download blindly. This allowed us to prioritize our time and get to the tasks/emails which were most important.

Q: What was the biggest challenge or obstacle that could have prevented you from using
A: Being part of a corporation, it is sometimes difficult/impossible to get them to approve trying new programs, especially with computer security issues.

Q: How much time do you think saves your team?
A: Hours each day!

Q: What was the most positive aspect about working with the Aptus team?
A: Every encounter with members of the Aptus team has been professional, punctual and pleasant!

Q: What has exceeded your expectations after you started using
A: Before starting, we were wondering if it was even something that was really "needed" within our clinic. The few times we have had computer issues and we were unable to utilize Stax for the day, the first complaint I get from the front desk is how overwhelming and frustrating the emails are without it!

Q: What would be the main reason you recommend to vet clinics?
A: It really is a time saver if you use electronic faxing (like eFax or sfax).

Q: Was there anything we could have done differently or better to help improve our service? If so, we would love to start now!
A: Nothing- you guys have been amazing!

How can help YOU! is the world’s first intelligent Business Administrative Operations (BAO) platform. Through the power of AI, takes in your incoming email attachments, electronic faxes, and your documents, automatically! It then sorts them into folders that you create specifically for your business. As you saw above, All Creatures created their own folders that worked for them (prescription refills, lab work, etc.) and you have the power to create unique folders for your business. Stop wasting time sorting through your documents and let handle the sorting, routing, and storing for you. can even handle pictures of documents and human handwriting! saves All Creatures an estimated $1,170 per month in manual labor/time, and a lot more in headaches! allows All Creatures to put more effort on quality of care, which is their core value and primary goal.

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