Due to the large number of applications and constantly growing potential of artificial intelligence and software systems, our clients operate in a wide variety of industries. Below are a few of the industries we've already developed solutions for. We would love to branch out and provide help in as many sectors as we can!
Some of the most powerful and meaningful applications of artificial intelligence systems are in the healthcare and medical industries. AI and machine learning have been able to make early diagnoses of many conditions that would otherwise be very difficult to detect, including malignancy of cancerous cells. We use AI and computer vision to make preliminary diagnostics based on patient data and medical imaging - such as X-rays and MRIs.

By automating the process of performing preliminary surgical diagnostics, medical assessments, and screenings, surgery centers can focus on performing the surgery or treatment rather than spending valuable resources on the diagnostics. This saves a lot of time and money, and surgeons can focus on patients that need it the most.

Another application of AI in the healthcare industry is for medical insurance providers. A lot of malpractice is seen with hospitals and medical centers, billing insurance companies or patients for treatments that they didn't need. Insurance companies can use our solutions to ensure they are only billed for treatments that were necessary.
We have developed custom computer vision and artificial intelligence solutions to aid in analysis and optimization of the use of certain biological substances. By analyzing root bio-culture with different processes, our solution helped EvoLogic Technologies identify the most optimal process to apply AMF - a yield increasing fungi, applied as a biological seed coating to leverage sustainability in agriculture.

Our specific work in the industry was the development of a computer vision algorithm that analyzed spores and root fragments in microscopic imagery of the root bio-culture.
We have worked in the aerospace industry since the inception of the company. We have provided services in order to develop highly accurate flight simulation systems, design custom unmanned aircraft systems, provide flight training solutions, develop a robotic platform for on-Earth testing of space robots, optimize UAV flight control systems, develop custom automated landing systems for drones, and more.

In addition, we have also developed custom artificial intelligence systems in the aerospace industry - specifically, an algorithm for real-time detection and diagnostics of rotor faults in turbines. We developed a proprietary technique that analyzes live data in frequency domain and studies the system response to diagnose faults while in operation.
Our contributions to the defense industry are through flight training systems and firearms tracking systems. We worked with Stottler Henke to develop a custom FlightGear-based flight training system for the MH-60 helicopter that is in use by the US and Australian Navy.

We are also working with Armaments Research Company to develop an integrated solution to track and analyze data from firearms. This data is used to optimize routes which will improve first response times. The system also allows tracking of all active firearms, their orientations, and events including discharges, reloads, and de-holsters.
The finance sector is a very lucrative industry, and companies use their knowledge of markets to bet on new product launches and other events. Deep insight into the vast amount of data collected by various companies has been shown to aid in making stong, informed decisions in the industry.

We are working on various projects that use artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and web scraping to analyze news on various companies and predict their effect on the company's stock price.
Consumer Products
We have worked closely with our clients to help develop their products from concepts to prototypes and into production-ready parts. Some of the products we've helped develop include a robotic foosball training system, temperature-controlled oil warmer, and a portable wireless battery charger for phones. We have also developed custom firmware for a medical diagnostic device.

Our mechanical, electrical, and software design and development capabilities combine and allow us to realize some very crazy and ambitious ideas!