Here is a showcase of some of our past work. Below are images and descriptions of some of what we've built over the last few years.

Because most of our work involves backend functionality and algorithms, we can't portray any of those - however, we've included screenshots from user interfaces for our deployed solutions.


Use AI to intelligently sort and triage your documents

Stax.ai™ is an enterprise-level collaborative document management suite that automates filing processes such as email and fax interception, document sorting and triaging. Its AI bots learn from examples you provide. Stax.ai™ also indexes the documents, providing you with a powerful, feature-rich search engine for you to find anything within your data.

Aptus developed, deployed, and maintains all components of Stax.ai™ including the AI bots, training system, user interface and experience (UI/UX), and application programming interface (API).

Medical AI Diagnostics

Multus RadBot™ - Medical-grade AI Radiology Software

The Multus RadBot™ is a proprietary AI radiology and diagnostics software used to identify anatomical pathologies, abnormalities, and diagnostics from MRI Imaging systems.

Aptus developed the Multus RadBot™ in collaboration with Multus Medical, a strategic partner. Aptus also developed other software for and with Multus, see below for more information.

We are also working with the Center for Advanced Spine Care of Southern Arizona to study the feasibility and performance of the Multus RadBot™, which shows high reliability and comparable performance to human board-certified radiologists. See Research for papers.

Medical DICOM Viewer/PACS

Process automation in assisting radiologists

Another project for Multus Medical involved the development of a custom medical Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS), which is used by Multus radiologists to view MRIs and generate radiology reports.

The Multus RadBot™ also generates outputs compatible with this DICOM Viewer, and radiologists can review its results. The DICOM Viewer allows radiologists to also correct any errors made by the Multus RadBot™ which in turn actively trains the bot to perform better in the future!

Stark Anatomical 3D CAD

Patient-specific anatomical 3D modeling and rendering software

Multus Medical's primary business is as a medical technology service provider that generates 3D renderings of patient-specific anatomical models describing injuries and pathologies.

Stark is the 3D CAD software used by Multus technicians to load MRIs and generate 3D models of human anatomy that match the patient's MRIs.

Aptus developed (completely from scratch!) and still updates Stark for Multus Medical, LLC.


Integrate AI int cloud-offloaded fleet data computation

The standard robot or drone control method involves an operator and the robot to be controlled. Imperix.ai™ is a new philosophy for robot and drone control that attempts to control and operate hundreds of units with a few operators. Imperix allows monitoring, control, and management of any robot or drone that can be connected to the internet - using WiFi, 4G/LTE, or even 5G, from anywhere in the world.

Imperix Intelligence provides face detection & recognition, entity recognition, object tracking, and 3D world mapping operations to be performed online and on cloud-servers freeing up onboard computers for mission-critical tasks.


AI-powered predictive scheduling for dynamic cloud resource management

Stratum is a dynamic cloud resource allocation and management system. Companies that use cloud services for computation and functional API-hosting spend large amounts renting servers.

Stratum uses AI to predictively schedule server uptimes so that its users are not charged when their servers are idle. Stratum automatically scales server resources based on traffic and predictions to optimize for cost.

Aptus developed, deployed, and now maintains Stratum and is a strategic business partner of Stratum, LLC.