How is Designed to Make Artificial Intelligence Less ScaryLindsay Souers
Lindsay Souers
Published on Fri Jul 09 2021

The Power of

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful team. Our Sales Partner, Simon "Buddy" Blattner wrote about his experience with and why he decided to join the family!

Artificial Intelligence sounds scary. designed artificial intelligence so it is not scary. In fact, it's intuitive and easy to use. After you teach it a few things, it does the work for you. Designed for document heavy businesses, reads your scanned or email attached documents and routes them to the right folder. The thing about Artificial Intelligence is it learns and learns fast.

I was introduced to by a friend. I instantly understood it and why it was important and why it would be an important tool to any business. It learns and it does the work for you. You must train and invest in it, but if you do, the world is your oyster.

Here is the best part. No matter whether it routes the document to the “right” folder, you can find it. Why? The folders are searchable. And they are searchable just like in Google. You can type in a search term, and it will find it, whether it is typewritten or handwritten. It is magic. I am a consultant with many small and medium sized clients in manufacturing, distribution, and professional services. There are not many who do not have document issues. In fact, all of them have document management issues. That is why I talk to each of them about In addition, I believe in the product so much that I have purchased the product for my business. Every day, it reads all my emails and files them for me. All I must do is go my page on the website and search for a document. I will find it there.

I am also working with to develop vertical marketplaces. I am doing this on my own time and my own dime. I know there are businesses out there who need this technology. They are now too small for document management systems. But you know what? They will have state of the art technology before the big guys who own sophisticated hardware and software systems that require maintenance contracts, upgrades, and constant supervision. is Software as a Service meaning that in exchange for a monthly rate, you get all the upgrades every time they update the software.

I cannot say enough about and I would be remiss if I did not congratulate the company on recruiting a dedicated and solicitous team always available to help you out or ask a question. I highly recommend the service.

Simon J. Blattner, III
GLSB, Inc.

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