Why should you use dark mode when using your computer or phone?Lindsay Souers
Lindsay Souers
Published on Fri Oct 01 2021

Dark mode is becoming all the rage and with both physical health and environmental benefits, there’s no wonder why!

Reduce blue light and help you sleep

Let’s face it, lots of us are on our phones or computers right before bed and more and more research is coming out telling us that blue-light exposure can interfere with our sleep patterns and circadian rhythms. That’s where dark mode comes into play by reducing our exposure to blue light, which is especially important in the few hours leading up to bedtime. So why is blue light so bad for us at night? According to the American Academy of Opthamology, "When a person is exposed to bright lights at night, their body can react as if it was exposed to sunlight: the brain stops producing melatonin, the sleep hormone, and we feel more awake. The warm colors of night/dark mode don’t confuse the body about what time it is and make it easier to fall asleep than it would be if looking at a device using a regular display mode."

Another perk is a reduction in screen glare. If you’re using your device in a dark or dimly lit room, you know how awfully bright a white screen can be. Using dark mode can prevent you from straining your eyes due to the brightness and contrast in color!

Save battery life and reduces energy consumption

Now let’s talk about how dark mode can help you conserve energy and extend your battery life. Using dark mode has shown to extend your phone battery life by 39-47% which equates to around 28-32% less energy usage overall! Using less energy is a great way to cut back on electricity bills, especially if you work in an office with lots of computers. This simple switch is a great way to extend your battery life (laptops and phones) as well as cut back on your energy usage, talk about a win-win!

Here at Aptus, we're always looking for ways to help our clients and the world! You can try Stax.ai out free for 30 days or contact us with any questions you have. Go ahead, give dark mode a try!